Nutri-Vet Scratch Not Spray for Cats

$ 4.99

Nutri-Vet® SCRATCH-NOT™ (8 oz) for cats is a fast acting topical spray that discourages cats from biting and chewing on hot spots, injuries, and bandages.  It can also be used to stop the clawing of furniture, rugs, and drapes.  Cats are very sensitive to the bitter taste and will leave sprayed areas alone.  Because it is a taste deterrent, it may actually promote the healing of irritated. 

•  Safe.

•  Non-irritating to skin.

•  Odor-less.

•  Doesn’t stain.


Prolonged licking or scratching can lead to skin damage and the cause of such should be determined by a veterinarian.  Stopping chewing on bandages or raw, inflamed areas offer tissues a time to heal and should be considered a temporary measure to gel your cat feel more comfortable.  Cats often develop a particular liking for a certain object like drapes or certain furniture items.  Spraying these items with a non-toxic, foul tasting substance can stop this habit.  But this doesn't actually teach a cat to stop scratching.  A helpful hint is to place some tasty treats in the area to hopefully shift the chewing behavior to an eating one.  If your cat is caught in the act of clawing, a firm "No!" and replacement of the inappropriate object with a tatty treat accompanied by praise when your cat starts chewing the treat may help stop this habit.


Key Components

  • Denatonium Benzoate is the most bitter chemical compound known.


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