Nutri-Vet Grass Guard Max Chewables for Dogs

$ 28.99

NUTRI-VET® GRASS GUARD MAX™ liver flavor chewables contain a unique blend of amino acids, botanicals, probiotics and digestive enzymes to help prevent lawn burn and yellow spots on grass.  Veterinary formulated to help neutralize nitrogenous waste and maintain slightly acidic urine, Grass Guard MAX is easy to give, extremely palatable, and very effective in maintaining a "spotless" lawn.  Dog urine and lawns don't always mix well.  The fundamental problem is that urine is a waste product containing excess nitrogen resulting from the natural metabolism of protein in the body.  Dogs, especially females, urinate anywhere and usually all at once, often causing dead brown patches or lawn burn.   

There are several other factors that increase the likelihood of lawn burn:      

  • Large dogs deposit more urine. Concentrated urine contains a high nitrogen content.    
  • Heavily fertilized grass is already high in nitrogen.    
  • Lawns stressed from heat, sun, draught or disease are readily "burned."
  • Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda Grass are more susceptible to lawn burn than fescue and perennial ryegrass. 
  • Basic (high pH) urine affects lawn health.


Key Components 

  • Digestive enzymes facilitate intestinal nutrient assimilation to help minimize urinary nitrogen.
  • Probiotics are "friendly" live bacteria that help maintain intestinal health to diminish urinary tract nitrogen.
  • Yucca schidigera is a plant that contains natural saponins and glycoproteins that bind ammonia in urine (and feces) to prevent lawn burn. 
  • dl-methionine is a sulfur-containing essential amino acid that helps acidify urine. 


Made in USA

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