Nutri-Vet Breath & Tartar Mint & Parsley Biscuits for Dogs

$ 5.99

NUTRI-VET® Breath and Tartar Biscuits (19.5 oz) contain a veterinary formulated blend of unique antioxidants that help maintain healthy teeth and gums. These tasty chews make for a healthy "breath-friendly" reward.  Brushing teeth daily is the most effective means of preventing dental disease. Yet, through the mechanical action of chewing, pets can decrease the amount of plaque and tartar build-up on teeth.  Breath & Tartar Mint & Parsley Biscuits are baked hard and crunchy to help promote strong teeth and healthy gums and make your dog more pleasant to be around.    

Key Components    

  • Parsley Flakes help freshen breath.
  • Spearmint promotes fresh breath and a healthy mouth.
  • Zinc helps remove odor-causing volatile sulfuric compounds.


Made in USA

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